About US

We decided to establish our company Surge Power Systems Güç ve Enerji Sistemeri Taahhüt veTicaret Ltd. Şti (SPS) in 2021 and completed  the trade registration process officially on 14th of January 2022. SPS has been continuing its activities in its office at Istanbul-TURKEY.

Although SPS was established recently, our aim is to make a powerful start both in the Turkish Electricity Sector and in the International Electricity Sectors with the deep experience and expertise of its founders, stakeholders and business partners. So, we have started to take concrete and professional steps to reach this target.

SPS was established as a result of more than 20 years of project management, engineering and commissioning experiences and work completion experiences of its founders in leading corporate companies operating in the electricity and energy sectors on local and global scales. So, SPS is a strong candidate to be a leading company in power sector with its efficient professional services and customer oriented processes. Also, SPS aims to carry out activities to satisfy the need for quality and reliable services in the sector with its values.

In addition to the power of SPS, it has solid business connections with wide range of material & service suppliers in the sector. So, it has the ability to offer the right solutions to all small or large-scale customers.

We established a strategic partnership with Astor A.Ş. (Astor A.Ş. | Transformers | HV&MV Equipments (astoras.com.tr)) who is a leading global manufacturer in Turkey. As a result of combination of the abilities of two important companies,  Surge becomes a strong competitor in domestic and international energy and electricity contracting projects, including engineering, design, material supply, erection, testing and commissioning. In short, Surge has the ability to serve directly to all turnkey system projects and product needs. 


Main Services

Turnkey Electrification Projects for Power Plants

RME Projects (Renovation,Modernization and Extention)

Turnkey High Voltage Switchgears Projects

Refurbishment, Maintenance, Service, E&C and Commissioning Projects

Turnkey Electrification Projects for Industrial Facilities

Project, Contract Management and Consultancy Services

Engineering, Design and Technical Consultancy Services


Completed Projects